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Car Registration 

Purchasing a car in Costa Rica is considered an asset like Real Property, a term used commonly in Real Estate. There is a lot of mis information when it comes to blog posts and other Googled information from expats looking to buy a car in Costa Rica. 

Due to your motorized transportation "car purchase" being labeled as  "Real Property" you will require an Attorney to complete the sale and register the asset into your name.  

  • You ​should have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic of your choice prior to making an agreement to purchase.  

  • Using an attorney of your choice, review the contract of sale prepared by the sellers attorney. 

  • Sellers attorney represents the seller, not you as the buyer. 

  • Verify sure all warranty agreements are included in the contract, nothing verbally communicated will be valid in court.

  • Understand Costa Rica law of "seller guarantee" for the motor and the transmission. 

  • The asset is considered "Real Property" you can choose to take title as an individual or a corporation, make sure you understand the pro's and con's to both options. 

  • Choosing corporation, requires one to be created in advance to the selection, inspection and purchase of the vehicle. 

  • Know the laws surrounding insurance coverage, and extended insurance coverage. 

  • Understanding what you are responsible for in the case of an accident 

  • Yearly vehicle inspections are required: and what this means.

Pro-Tip:   It is required to store a fire extinguisher in your vehicle at all times.  This can result in fines should you be stopped and hit have it within the car. 

Call us today for more information on how Legal Del Sur, can protect you through the car purchase and registration process. 

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