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Corporation Creation & Management

When you need legal instruction on the best options to choose for corporate law, or corporation creations to protect your assets in Costa Rica, Legal Del Sur has you covered. 

Our best advice as the first step to corporation creation is to book a reservation for consult with the experts at Legal Del Sur.

Ensuring all your questions are answered in the correct manner as the law is written and most importantly, how the law in Costa Rica is actually it is interpreted.

There are two most popular types of corporations to protect your assets. Public Limited Liability and Private Limited Liability Corporations. 

The advantages of both for expats or non-residents of Costa Rica include the ability to register your assets, be they are movable or fixed property such as Real Estate. Corporations also allows you to obtain accounts in Public and Private banking systems.

Services Provided Include:

  • Legal Advice and Instruction

  • Creation of Corporation

  • Notary of Documents

  • Registration, and billing before the Ministry of Finance ( if the objective is investment, or development of commercial activity in Costa Rica under the figure of legal entity)

Contact us today to learn more about how Legal Del Sur, can assist you with corporation creation and management services.


NOTE: All corporations are subject to file the mandatory RTBF Declaration on an annual basis. 

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