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Many of our clients have asked, "Can I just complete this process myself "? The answer is yes. However not without many unnecessary frustrations along the way. 

Committing to becoming a National Citizen of Costa Rica is deemed a complicated process.  In our opinion, this is best accomplished in a timely manner by the assistance of an Attorney. 


Not just any attorney, one who specializes in this particular area of the law. Legal Del Sur, has assisted many clients in obtaining Costa Rica Residency. 

Like any country there are classifications that are required before you begin to apply for this process in order to even be considered for approval. 

Classifications Include: 

  • Pensioner

  • Investor

  • Rentier

  • Legal representative

  • Executive

These classifications also require specific measurable income and documents to qualify. 

There is also an opportunity to have a two-year temporary residency for those clients that do not want to leave the country every ninety-days as required on the travel visa limitations, and not ready to commit for full time residency. 

To learn more about the process of how to become a Costa Rica Resident, contact Legal Del Sur, for a consultation. 

Pro Tip: This is a complex process and we recommend using an attorney who specializes in the field of law that is specific to this process. 

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