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What is the purpose of Mediation? 

This form of conflict resolution can save clients thousands of dollars and years of time battling out disagreements before the courts. 

This is the best option for people to work together to come up with a solution that allows them a participating role in the outcome of a dispute.  It is impartial and confidential. 

Remember, no one wins one hundred percent, of everything they want in the courtroom because the ultimate decision is left to the judge. 

Mediator role:

Filter with each participant, to lay foundations, create a space of trust, security and tranquility. Creating a space for options or brainstorming. Here the conciliator does not propose options but the role is to help the participants to identify the possible solutions proposed by themselves.


Decision making:

It seeks to examine the reality of the decisions and their scope of the previous stage, to move on to the negotiation.


Agreement or Non -Agreement:

If the parties manage to reach an agreement, there is a commitment to the solution that they themselves proposed as the most effective and acceptable for all participants.

The conciliator is responsible for drafting said agreement in detail with each of the obligations in a clear way.The conciliatory agreement is a type of transaction that must be identified as an agreement of wills which the law gives it the character of material res judicata. Said agreement can be approved by a judge of the Republic.

If you find yourself needing assistance in conflict resolution 

Licda Silvia Zuñiga Mora, is certified in conciliation and mediation by

CAM (Center for Arbitration and Mediation) of the Costa Rican Bar Association. Judiciary, as interim judge in the alternative conflict resolution center.





Legal Del Sur, successfully assists many clients in avoiding the expensive and long judicial process before a magistrate in Costa Rica. If you have a legal matter that needs attention, contact us today and lets discuss resolution options.  

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