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A Notary Public as well as an Attorney with powers of a Justice of the Peace Silvia Zuñiga Mora takes care of every legal aspect concerning the marriages she performs, and she provides you with a Certificate of Marriage that is ready to be used as Proof of Marriage in your hometown. Upon request, she can also provide an additional Notary Certification on Ceremony Day, to use as temporary Proof of Marriage while you wait for your definitive Certificate of Marriage to arrive via certified mail.

In Costa Rica, only priests, judges and lawyers are legally authorized to perform a marriage ceremony. If you wish to have a religious, but non-Catholic, wedding ceremony, a judge or lawyer must also be present to make the marriage official. Civil marriages legally conducted in Costa Rica are valid worldwide.

Requirements for marriage:

  • Birth certificate for each person 

  • Certificate of marital status for each person

  • If you are a foreigner, affidavit of freedom of civil status

  • Two witnesses

  • Identification document

It may sound cliche but we love marriage, at Legal Del Sur,

we are honored to be a part of your big day.

We participate in the Legalization of your marriage as well as

preform the ceremonial services. 


Note: We can travel to your wedding location.  

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