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Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions Services

  • Establish necessary contacts

  • Whether natural persons or through S.A or R.L companies

  • Establish the offer, total purchase price

  • Guarantee deposit while the necessary due diligence period is completed

  • Extract all the legal status of the property 

  • Create Corporation if needed 

  • Registration Study

  • Copy or Certification of the cadastre plan

  • Soil study

  • Letter of availability of water and electricity

  • Up-to-date municipal tax certification

  • Certification of property declaration before the municipality

  • Certification of Legal status

  • Property measurement verification by topographical engineer

Additional Resources:

Connecting you with  professionals to assist the process.

Public & Private Banks for the respective guarantee deposits and total payment of each transaction.

Real Estate Broker 

Property Surveys 




Property Management Services 

Other professional services needed 

Closing of transaction 

Legal Documents Prepared with all agreements made between parties

Closing instructions will be provided to conclude your business transaction 


Deed of transfer or transfer of property

Notarial act, carried out by a professional specialist in Notary and Registry law Legal Del Sur, by means of a public deed, inscribable in the National Registry, real estate section, act in which buyer and seller appear so that the new owner obtains title to the property.

After Closing:

Support Seller and the New Owner 

Assisting in all needs or projects, such as contacts with draftsman, architect, real estate professionals, builders, landscape specialist , residency, car purchases, and RTBF Declaration mandatory yearly filing of Corporation documents. 


You need an Attorney to Purchase Real Property in Costa Rica. This includes motorized transportation such as a car purchase. 

Legal Del Sur, is able to assist you though this process. Contact us today to learn more about what is required. 


Pro Tip: Even though Attorneys are required we highly recommend a qualified Real Estate Agent assist you in the search or sale of your property investments.  Having boots on the ground to oversee the process or market your property for the sale is in your best interest. 

If you need a recommendation on who is qualified in theses areas, reach out we are happy to connect you. 

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