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Land & titles 

Planos are a huge part of Real Estate, Transactions and hold very important information in regards to the sale and purchase of land, and real property. It is the information, that graphically and mathematically represents a the boundaries. 


Once registered by the topographical engineer, and before the corresponding entities, it is necessary to for the Notary Public to do its due diligence and registration in public deed. This process allows you to obtain the title of the property that generates said Plan or Plano.


What is segregation, and why it matters. 

The division of a plan into one or more site plans with the aim of obtaining more than one title and thus being able to generate the sale of a new lot.  Which is an excellent investment option in this country and would be bringing a substantial asset to your investment portfolio. 


Other items to note:

Constitution of agricultural easements:

They are the known as "rights of way", the main requirement to create such easements is

their usefulness and necessity, the cause is that there is a land or lot lacking direct access to a public street.


Water easement:

There must be the utility and need for the supply of drinking water or rainwater.

Electrical easement:

A type of legal easement necessary for farms,  whether they pass by flight or by subsoil.


Pro Tip: All easements must be recorded in a public deed, and registered in the corresponding National Registry.

Legal Del Sur, handles all things land and property titles.

In Costa Rica is is vital that you have a professional

to ensure the transfer of your deed.

 Using an attorney who is skilled in the details of land boundaries,

alongside  title transfer completion protects your investment. 


Note: When you purchase land or property in a corporation it is mandatory that you file an annual RTBF Declaration. Legal Del Sur, has you covered and will remind you when yours is due to avoid unnecessary sanctions. 

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